[JDEV] Oops! (Re: SWIG and client scripting)

Corbett J. Klempay cklempay at chimera.acm.jhu.edu
Sat Aug 7 21:40:50 CDT 1999

Are you guys sure you're straight on SWIG and what it's used for?  I have
actually used SWIG for a project; from what I can tell (and what I used it
for) was for developing extensions in C/C++ for mating with a scripting
language (and not the other way around, which is what you guys seem to
think it does).  For example, my application was this heinous Python
program (I love Python; I mean what it did was heinous, not Python itself
:) for which I coded some C modules to interface with an existing C++
toolkit.  Perhaps SWIG does the reverse (allows you to extend C with a
scripting language), but if it does, I wasn't aware of it.  (it wouldn't
make much sense, since the whole reason why SWIG was developed in the
first place was to code some compute-intensive routines in C to mate with
a big Python app on a supercomputer...)

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On Sat, 7 Aug 1999, Allen Short wrote:

> I neglected to mention that SWIG is available at http://www.swig.org/
> and the README says that it is "completely free and non-proprietary".
> I don't know if the license is GPL compatible but that shouldn't be a
> problem since one would only need files created by SWIG and not files
> that are part of the SWIG distribution, just as gcc-compiled binaries
> are not affected by the GPLed status of gcc and its related tool set.
> BTW, my apologies for not replying to the scripting thread - DHIS has
> broken again and I can't get my mail; I am reading the archived list.
> Allen Short
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