[JDEV] Krufty Jabber Client

Eric Crahen crahen at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sun Aug 8 05:12:23 CDT 1999

> The client must be portable. There are a variety of cross-platform
> libraries around, and choosing one seems to be the problem. wxWindows
> a wonderful solution in the beginning, but I've already found a few
> with it. The suggestion for Gtk+ was made, and is starting to become more
> and more attractive. GTK+ is not only simple and very language agnostic,
> has significant software support. See below for another major reason.

Skinning should be relatively easy with both wxWindows and GTK. What
problems hav you found with wxWindows? I know that they just put out an
update this week. GTK is very nice too, but as far as I am aware there are
no complete Win32/Mac ports

By the way Scott, is there a location where I can find the work and
discussion of the transport writing teams? Or is it just a matter of waiting
for jabber.org to be updated?


 - Eric

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