[JDEV] Krufty Jabber Client

Scott Robinson scott at tranzoa.com
Sun Aug 8 09:12:23 CDT 1999

I have two, though not overcomeable, problems with wxWindows over GTK+. a)
It forces C++ upon the programmer. If in the future we do some weird
modifications to Kruft (which seems to be a route...) there is a good chance
wxWindows won't be flexible enough to use. b) GTK+ is very closely
integrated with the latest version of NPLayout/Gecko. As of right now, I'd
love to use the NPLayout engine for the UI engine.

I have no clue. I'm not sure if there is a transport list (there should be)
and the webpage seems to have lost all the "Teams" for the many transports
and clients. The best one could do is to download the source and start
screwing around.

Someone _please_ followup and tell me where that secret informative webpage
is. Jer, where are you?


* Eric Crahen translated into ASCII [Sun, Aug 08, 1999 at 06:12:23AM -0400][<001901bee186$8345a780$168dcd80 at urh.buffalo.edu>]
> > The client must be portable. There are a variety of cross-platform
> windowing
> > libraries around, and choosing one seems to be the problem. wxWindows
> seemed
> > a wonderful solution in the beginning, but I've already found a few
> problems
> > with it. The suggestion for Gtk+ was made, and is starting to become more
> > and more attractive. GTK+ is not only simple and very language agnostic,
> but
> > has significant software support. See below for another major reason.
> Skinning should be relatively easy with both wxWindows and GTK. What
> problems hav you found with wxWindows? I know that they just put out an
> update this week. GTK is very nice too, but as far as I am aware there are
> no complete Win32/Mac ports
> By the way Scott, is there a location where I can find the work and
> discussion of the transport writing teams? Or is it just a matter of waiting
> for jabber.org to be updated?
> Thanks,
>  - Eric
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