[JDEV] Teams (please read)

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Aug 9 01:35:46 CDT 1999

I've created a fairly complete set of teams for Jabber.  You can view the
list here:


To get things moving, please look over the list of teams and find the one
or ones you are interested in being involved in.  Then, after you've
logged into jabber.org with your developer account, you will have the
option "Teams" where you can add yourself to a Team.

Some of the teams already have a mailing list, so feel free to subscribe
to it.  Others will have a mailing list created after there are a few
people on the team to manage it.

If you are VERY interested in any particular team, and would like to
administrate it, please add yourself to the team AND email me telling me
which team you want to administrate and what your plans are for it.  All
administrators have access to create/manage mailing lists, have CVS access
to the team web site, and can create/manage other CVS repositories.

I will be posting a wealth of information tomorrow with more specifics on
many of the teams and other topics, as well as catching up on all of the
email I'm behind on.



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