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Thomas D. Charron tcharron at my-deja.com
Mon Aug 9 11:00:13 CDT 1999

  Can be done without adding any overhead by throwing in support for many of the text to speech packages out there..  What I'm going to do to support this option is by declaring events that will call off external programs, hence, allowing a command like 'read this file' program to work, along with easily making a small command line wrapper that can call it..

>   Speaking of sounds, along a similar but probably more complex 
>vain, I would love text->speech support. This has two main uses: 
>First, rather than playing some little wav that tells you "someone" 
>came on-line then having to open your client to see who (or flick 
>your eyes down to the tooltip...), it could say "joe is on-line." 
>Second, when you walk away from the computer to fix yourself a snack, 
>you could turn on "vocalize incoming messages" and hear whatever 
>comes in, and decide whether it's something worth going over to your 
>computer to reply to before you finish your snack or not.
Thomas Charron

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