[JDEV] Madness / Etiquette (list volume)

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Aug 9 16:36:25 CDT 1999

> Along with Patrick McCuller's cry for lower volume, I have a small request
> to make. Can more people on the list start snipping more from replies? I
> have always been conscience about things like that and all of the repeated
> messages is a little annoying. I assumed that cutting most of the original
> message out of a reply was general Internet Etiquette, but I guess that
> isn't followed much anymore. Anyway.. all I ask is that you be wary of how
> much of the original message is necessary for your reply.

Along these lines, one of the reasons for creating the teams and
individual mailing lists for each team is to help lower the volume.  As
more of the teams get moving here, please start subscribing to the team
lists you are interested in and shift the discussions there.  The
jdev at jabber.org list will remain for general development issues and
questions, but the bulk of the important discussions will happen


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