[JDEV] 99b

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Aug 9 17:58:00 CDT 1999

> Active list is a small server that people run on their system that you can
> create interest groups with, sort of like the little #group things they were
> doing for a while but better, when you are subscribe to an active list, lets
> say Visul Basic for example, you can clikc on that active list and see all
> the usesrs connected to it, it maintains a seperate contact listing. You can
> do things like send broadcast messages and it has a built in news system for
> each list. It also had MOTD and a few other nifty gadgets.

Actually, this sounds almost exactly like a Jabber transport that I've
been planning on creating.  This special transport would act just like an
email mailing list server, you could create lists like VisualBasic at list
and the "list" transport would broadcast the message to the list or you
could start up group chats.

I'd post more details, but I have a bunch of documents and proposals to
write that this would build upon, so I have to get those done first :)


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