[JDEV] EVERYTHING (re: mime/file-xfer/ctcp/etc)

Scott Robinson scott at tranzoa.com
Tue Aug 10 00:26:44 CDT 1999

Interleaved response.


* Jeremie translated into ASCII [Tue, Aug 10, 1999 at 12:13:05AM -0500][<Pine.LNX.4.10.9908100009530.14509-100000 at lor.jeremie.com>]
> > I am very interesting in joining the "Core Team."
> Great!!!  Obviously we can use all the help we can get :)
> As I set up the core.jabber.org stuff I'll keep you involved.  What
> particular aspects of Jabber are you intersted in, or essentially, what is
> your reason to be involved in Jabber?

I want to see an open standard become the dominant Internet instant
messaging and presense announcement standard. I'm in it for the idealism.
I've been placed in an interesting position outside of Jabber where I've
seen what the competition has, and I believe we can do better.

> Also, do you do any programming?  If you've mentioned some of this stuff
> before in previous posts to jdev I apologize, there's been so many new
> names lately I'm having a hard time keeping it all striaght :)

Hee. Yes, C and C++ mainly. I know most scripting languages either in past
experience, or in semi-frequent use.

I'm the one that tends to post these long-winded posts that everyone
disagrees with. (everyone, post "me too" now!)

> Thanks!!!
> Jer

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