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On 9 Aug 99,, arh14 at cornell.edu sounded off on Re: [JDEV] MIME/XML:

> Yes, the second you let clients talk to clients you open up a
> whole can of worms.  Hence my original question about security. 
> If security is an issue that cannot be satisfactorily solved, than
> client-to-client connections should be discouraged, or simply
> prohibited (simply don't give out the IP). 

   I would strongly suggest a client-client connection request event 
is made part of the Jabber protocol, which would of course have to 
include an IP and port to connect to, but that the server never give 
out the IP. If ppl don't want to use client-client, they don't have 
to -- But there's no reason they shouldn't be able to, in fact I can 
guarantee some ppl will want to, so we might as well agree on a 
standard way to negotiate a client-client connection at the very 

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