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Tue Aug 10 02:19:49 CDT 1999

On 9 Aug 99,, Jeremie sounded off on [JDEV] EVERYTHING (re: mime/file-xf:

> For a client to be able to do client to client conenctions it would
> have to understand ICQ, AIM, etc, etc protocols directly, and that
> is exactly what Jabber is NOT. 

   There absolutely SHOULD BE a standardized way specified by the 
protocol for client-to-client connection negotiation. They would NOT 
have to support all that crap you mentioned -- see Patrick's message. 
They would simply agree on a protocol to use, then use it.

> The other BIG reason against client to client connections is that
> as it stands, you can use Jabber without exposing your computer at
> all.  The only place that knows your IP is the server, nowhere is 
> your IP published.  

   And this is a good thing. However, CTCP would be by choice -- You 
would CHOOSE to let someone else know your IP. There's no reason you 
shouldn't be able to do that.

   You say that any CTCPs can be implemented as client-specific 
features. And yes, there WILL be client-specific features, and this 
is fine -- But one of the best things about Jabber is that it's an 
open protocol, not something requiring the use of a single 
proprietary client. And while there will be certain features added by 
clients where that will be the case anyway, when we KNOW that 
something will be needed, and hence added, we should include it in 
the specification. Otherwise, we'll have a hundred different CTCPs 
floating around Jabber which I don't think I need to point out would 
be a huge pain in the ass. I FULLY support the CTCP-negotiation 
concept suggested by Patrick (or whoever it originally came from), 
and hope that if those in charge of the Jabber protocol refuse to 
make it official, that those of you who are writing clients will get 
together and hash out an "unnofficial" standard for it and make sure 
it's easily available to the client-writing public.

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