Anders Qvist quest at netg.se
Tue Aug 10 03:52:24 CDT 1999

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Jeremie wrote:

> As I'm catching up on some things here, I've still got a good deal more to
> do.  Here is a really rough draft for what's going on this week in the
> world of Jabber:
> Teams: finishing fleshing out many of the team sites with more complete
> "charters" and selecting team administrators. (this is where the bulk of
> the work is at yet, creating various proposals for various teams,
> security, lib, mozilla, personal, etc...)
> CVS: creating repositories for the existing 0.6 codebase under various
> teams and getting work underway for 0.7.
> Projects: fixing jabber.org to display the boxes for clients, transports,
> and modules, and adding in those projects under the correct teams.
> After some of this is further along, I'll be creating a "Global Status"
> for the entire Jabber project to take a look at where were at and what's
> planned for the near and far future.

No offense or anything, but project Jabber seems to be getting so large,
you really should get someone else to maintain the website and focus on
core development and project leadership.

Anders "Quest" Qvist
NetGuide Scandinavia

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