[JDEV] A piece of MIME?

Patrick McCuller patrick at kia.net
Wed Aug 11 00:09:44 CDT 1999

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> Scott Robinson

> And as I've point out numerous times, putting in straight MIME won't work.
> At least we've came to this point.

	Actually, you've never convinced me of this, or even put forward any
coherent arguments. You said something unreadable about multipart mime and
forwarded messages, but that was all.

	I considered pointing this out in your last email on the subject, but
honestly, the whole thing was flamebait. There was only the one attempt at
an actual refutation of my position, and that I was unable to understand
after several attempts. The relevant portion is below for your reference. If
you'd care to elaborate I'm keen to know what you meant to say.

> > 	Kindly tell me exactly how multipart/ messages would be a problem.
> >
> To refute your previous "just place the MIME in the <MIME> tag", multipart
> would be a bitch because of forwarding, verbatim, of a jabber message.
> Unless you want to put a MIME decoder in and have it then put out another
> expat instance that would then decode the message encoded within.


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