[JDEV] JLib comments

Dave Smith dave at dorm4.org
Wed Aug 11 08:24:34 CDT 1999


I have some comments on your jlib notes @ lib.jabber.org. Is there a
seperate list to post my comments to, or are we all still on one list?

Also, can you point me to some info on this XQL thing?

On a side note, I'm hoping to have a "demoable" version of my
JElement/XMLElement and JStream/XMLStream/JabberStream libraries available
by tommorow. I rewrote most of JElement last night and it's alot cleaner now
and conforms more closely with the "spirit" put forth by the W3C DOM
spec..Please note, that doesn't mean "exactly conforms", but instead "works
similiar to". I'm really excited by the whole library and think it will
really help simplify a lot of the code within etherx, transports and
clients. :)


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