[JDEV] A piece of MIME?

arh14 at cornell.edu arh14 at cornell.edu
Wed Aug 11 09:01:55 CDT 1999

I think I am woefully behind on responding...This is like my idea, except 
that I thought it would be simpler just to stick the whole MIME chunk 
between <message></message> instead of emulating MIME headers with XML 
elements (<say type=...>).  Same difference.


On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Scott Robinson wrote:

> Attached is a exerpt from my MIME document. It's still very raw, but I
> believe the concepts are understandable. It is horribly full of useless
> comments. CHEW ON THIS!
> It is also available at:
> http://dsn.itgo.com/example.mime
> Scott.

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