[JDEV] MIME-Version

arh14 at cornell.edu arh14 at cornell.edu
Wed Aug 11 11:23:08 CDT 1999

Actually I've taken a look at the latest JavaMail, and it looks like it 
is possible to just create a MIME message from a byte stream (something 
which would be ideal).  Just feed it the chunk and voila you have a 
parsed MIME message.


On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Patrick McCuller wrote:

> 	Aaron is 100% right on this one.  Have you looked at MIME-enabled
> libraries? Java's javax.mail.internet package is tied closely enough to
> RFC822 style email messages that it would be a hack at best to even use it
> to parse our half-kosher style.
> 	It doesn't really make MIME easier to use, just different.
> 	JabberBeans will have to write its own MIMEish modules, yay.
> Patrick

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