[JDEV] List Etiquette (*please read*)

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Aug 11 11:27:35 CDT 1999

Traffic has been growing lately and there have been a massive amount of
unsubscribes to jdev, so I'd like to take a short moment here to point out
some common mailing list etiquette:

	Read entire thread before posting!

Please, when you have a full mailbox, read up on an entire thread before
posting any comments on individual messages.

	Post summary messages instead of little replies!

When you have multiple comments on a subject, please post one summary
reply instead of replying individually to each message.  This makes things
MUCH easier on the reader and easier to reply to, as well as keeping
traffic down and other developers sane.

	Trim Messages!

Entire threads don't need to be resent to the list with a one-line reply,
trim out just the important peices of the previous message that your reply
is addressing.

	Add Value!

If your post doesn't add any value to others reading, please send it
directly to the sender and NOT TO THE LIST!  This is often the case with
any one liner messages, "Me too" replies, jokes, or flaims.  Please reply
to the sender unless your reply is of interest to all other developers.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to read and follow these as closely as possible!
It makes life easier for all of us.

Also, one last note, I'd like to suggest that we all *SLOW DOWN* on the
feature requests and start getting to *WORK* at what we already have.
There is an excellent base already in Jabber, after we have more working
and are all actually USING Jabber, we can start discussing features in


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