Aaron Brady (insomnike) rewt at clubi.ie
Tue Aug 10 11:55:25 CDT 1999

:   Ok, I think I see where you're coming from..  I got the impression you really meant that everyone must carry a digital signature around on a floppy.. ;-P  Again, this will be nice, but I think we need to strike a balance between things.  I like the idea of the say tags saying 'You can't read this, becouse it contains encrypted data', or have a <message type='encryptedDES'>, which, I'd like to point out, is FULLY LEGAL for clients to send..

 <to nick='insomniac'>rewt at jabber.rage.org</to>
 <subject>Plan for world domination</subject>
 <say type='multipart/alternative'>
  <say type='text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"'
   I'm sorry, but this message has been encoded as
   application/x-encrypted-blowfish, and your client
   is unable to read it. See
   http://plugins.jabber.org for more information.
  </say><!-- ^^ like what Netscape does when it finds a MIME type it
             can't handle, it refers to a plugin site. -->
  <say type='application/x-encrypred-blowfish'
       priority=1><!-- assuming 1 = highest -->

 "I don't really love computers, I just say that to get them
  into bed with me" -- Terry Pratchet

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