[JDEV] Standard defaults, and Filetransfers

Aaron Brady (insomnike) rewt at clubi.ie
Tue Aug 10 12:12:47 CDT 1999

a) Standard defaults.

I was just thinking that it might be a good idea to have a series
of standard defaults that apply to all (or most) clients, suchas
how long a password is stored in memory, default server,
default plugins (if we go for the plugin idea), perhaps
some common icons, or a default layout for the clients.

b) File Transfers

(an example layout for user rewt)
 |- insomniac (cabbar on Linux - default) (rewt at jabber.rage.org)
 `- insomniac[file] (rewt%jabber.rage.org at files.jabber.org)

When insomniac is off line, file transfers get sent to
insomniac[file], with is a 'files' transport on jabber.org,
it accepts the file (via whatever means Jabber ends up using,
I suggest HTTP/1.1 PUT), and sends a message to rewt@[...]
telling him of a new message, which itself if a 'fake'
filetransfer, from 'files' to rewt@[...], via HTTP/1.x GET.

user -> files.* : I wish to send phoe.tgz
files.* -> user : HTTP PUT it at
(HTTP PUT happens)
*** insomniac is online
files.* -> rewt : You have a file from user@[...] waiting at
(HTTP GET happens, with standard password authentication)
*** insomniac is offline (half of file transferred)
*** insomniac is online
(HTTP GET happens, with resume at 51%)
(files.* deletes phoe.tgz after transfer, OR after [say] two days)
files.* -> user : Your file [phoe.tgz] was delivered to insomniac.

Of course, this is using HTTP as the protocol, but the idea is the same
for a RAW 'DCC' style connection, or even chunked-XML style connections.

 "I don't really love computers, I just say that to get them
  into bed with me" -- Terry Pratchet

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