[JDEV] IRC CTCP vs. Jabber CTCP, was EVERYTHING (re: mime/file-xfer/ctcp/etc)

Aaron Brady (insomnike) rewt at clubi.ie
Wed Aug 11 18:58:47 CDT 1999

:    About 500 times a day to check lag (a "ping" feature would be 
: nice, tho it should go thru the server). I use the CTCP Version to 
: see what client other ppl are using fairly often as well, partly out 
: of curiousity but mostly because I usually end up having to tell ppl 
: how to do various things on IRC and I can't really do that unless I 
: know their client. Other than those two, not very often. These would 
: be nice features, but don't require true client-client -- there's no 
: reason for them not to go through the server. Then again, "CTCP"s on 
: IRC go through the server too...

DCC is a CTCP.
\1DCC CHAT chat (longip) (port)\1

And I see it used a lot.

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