[JDEV] Destination server discovery

Scott Robinson scott at tranzoa.com
Sun Aug 15 14:29:26 CDT 1999

It's been discussed on the channel and mentioned on server-dev/jdev (one of
the two) in mentioning routing.

I've done some research (read the DNS RFC) and we can add a IX record to a
DNS table, and it would be within the spec. However, the problem is that we
don't want to step on someone elses "IX toes." In the RFC it also mentions
how people use the NULL record to transport routing information for
undocumented extensions.

A new routing proposal will be posted by me sometime soon. I've been out
this weekend so I haven't really had time to work on it. (and others)


* Derrick Jobidon translated into ASCII [Sun, Aug 15, 1999 at 12:05:49PM -0400][<000501bee738$0b5a1370$c26168d1 at internetvip.qc.ca>]
> I wonder about if it would be possible and wise to use DNS to find if
> another jabber exist at a given domain. There could be a record indicating
> where is the jabber server if there is one?
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