[JDEV] Update on module interface

Anders Qvist quest at netg.se
Mon Aug 16 13:30:40 CDT 1999

This patch changes the modules interface to use a few structs rather than
a long list of arguments. This will increase updateability.

Have a look in transport/jabber/types.h for a view of the interfaces. As
I'm not 100% sure exactly how all the parameters are meant to be used, I
leave it to someone else to write explanations to struct elements.

Patch was made against jabber_snap_933570001.

I don't have extensive C experience, so please don't patch this code in
without a sceptical review.

Anders "Quest" Qvist
NetGuide Scandinavia

And we who listen to the sky, or walk the dusty grade,
Or break the very atoms down, to see how they are made,
Or study cells, or living things, seek truth with open hand;
The profoundest act of worship is to try to understand.

-- Catherine Faber, "The Word of God"
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