[JDEV] Quick Status/Plan Update

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Sat Aug 21 10:39:44 CDT 1999

Here is a quick update on Jabber, what's happening, what's planned, and
where we need some help.

We're moving quickly to get the 0.7 codebase up and operational, which
brings threading and is the codebase/structure that is destined to become
1.0.  One of the key elements of 0.7 is the common Jabber Library.  This
library is being built/managed by the lib team and discussed on
lib-dev at jabber.org.

==> Lib Team: 
==> lib-dev list and archives:

90% of the focus is currently on this library, since it's the base of
everything else for 0.7.  It provides threading via pth, and XML
processing via expat, as well as simple wrappers around sockets and some
application level utilities and logging.  If you know C and are handy with
API's and shared libs, feel free to check out the activity on the lib-dev
list archives or join the team, get CVS access (by asking me), and start
contributing code :)

The rest of the focus is on the two key applications in Jabber, the jabber
transport and etherx.

==> Server (jabber-transport) Team: 
==> server-dev list and archives:
==> Etherx Team: 
==> etherx-dev list and archives:

At this point, it's a bit difficult to start coding on these applications
without having the jabber library done, but please do check out and
participate in the discussions about architecture and APIs in these apps.

I'd like to see the APIs and services provided in the jabber lib stabilize
and be somewhat operational over next week to week and a half, and start
coding on the jabber transport and etherx around the same time.  There is
a bit of a rush to get these parts of 0.7 operational so many of us can
start focusing on adding modules and transports.

Within two weeks the focus will start shifting towards the transports and
language libraries/bindings.  Check out the existing teams available and
jump in where you are interested: http://jabber.org/developers/teams.jab
We could particularly use some help and discussion in the security team.

Remember, if you are interested in developing a client or libraries for
another programming language, you can start immediately!  There is a 0.6
server running at jabber.org and the protocol is the same as 0.7, so
there's nothing stopping you from moving ahead.

Thanks again to all who are interested in and helping with Jabber!


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