[JDEV] Transports in jabber

Chris cjbehm at mail.com
Sat Aug 28 10:41:39 CDT 1999

On 08/28/1999 at 05:35 PM Oleg Gordiychuk wrote:

>Hello All,
>I've read the documents on jabber.org and now have a question: how are you
>to support "transparent" sending of instant messages to, say, AOL? If you want
>to send a message to an AOL user, you have to be registered on AOL server with
>some name. Of course, you can't register jabber users automatically once
>to use jabber. Another option: you can use some fake names to access AOL
>community. But it may mean a lot of foreseeable problems. As I understand, this
>is one of the basic concepts of the project, and I did not find any explanation
>--- Oleg

You would still need to be an AIM user, but you a) don't need to use AIM once
you have jabber and b) can use any of the IM services that you are a registered
user for (assuming it has a transport). So you'd need your ICQ account, AIM
account, whatever else account, but you only use on client to access all of


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