[JDEV] I need to speak to you

3262 at 1on1mail.com 3262 at 1on1mail.com
Sat Aug 28 19:50:37 CDT 1999

I have found this great FREE software which allows me to communicate 
reliably and in complete privacy. 1on1Lite is what email should have been. 
I want to communicate with you using 1on1Lite so you need to have a copy 
too. There is no charge and it is well worth getting the FREE download

Could you please download a copy of 1on1Lite from http://www.1on1mail.com 
and register. As soon as you have registered, you will be able to initiate 
a contact with me by asking for SID 3262

In the meantime you can e-mail me using this e-mail client by sending the message to <3262 at 1on1mail.com>

Tim Lesher

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