[JDEV] AOL Corporate Teamwork

Jon Beckham beckham at pawz.paulvi.net
Sat Aug 28 22:02:29 CDT 1999

Does anyone have a solid connection to anyone in AOL Corporate?  If so,
please e-mail Jon Beckham, Thomas "Temas" Muldowney, and Adam "midendian"
Fritzler at beckham at paulvi.net, temas at box5.net, and mid at auk.cx.  Please
include their business phone number, e-mail, and address.  
We simply want to contact them concerning a partnership with America
Online to enable a fully compliant transport for jabber.  Basically, the
idea is to get the specs for the official InstantMessenger client that is
in development, so the jabber transport can be rereleased every time AIM
adds a feature, enabling complete compliance.  In return for their
support, on all the GUI Jabber clients, we place a tab linking them and
any other major corporate supporters.  
Bottom line, make Jabber a little bit corporate in exchange for less of a
scurry to keep up with official updates all the time.
If you have any beef, please e-mail the three of us as well.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

 Jon Beckham
class of 2000

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