[JDEV] AOL Corporate Teamwork

Scott Robinson scott at tranzoa.com
Sun Aug 29 03:50:32 CDT 1999

a) AIM (OSCAR/TIKTOK) isn't going to be around much longer.

b) That's kinda a broad promise. You cannot force the GUI Jabber client
writers to place a link.

c) I know for a fact that the current availablilty of "free" connections to
the AOL IM network is not loved. Try contacting corporate, but you're going
to have a bit of a problem convincing any of the VPs (which are whom you'll be
talking) to go along.


* Jon Beckham translated into ASCII [Sat, Aug 28, 1999 at 11:02:29PM -0400][<Pine.LNX.4.10.9908282241540.15758-100000 at pawz.paulvi.net>]
> Does anyone have a solid connection to anyone in AOL Corporate?  If so,
> please e-mail Jon Beckham, Thomas "Temas" Muldowney, and Adam "midendian"
> Fritzler at beckham at paulvi.net, temas at box5.net, and mid at auk.cx.  Please
> include their business phone number, e-mail, and address.  
> We simply want to contact them concerning a partnership with America
> Online to enable a fully compliant transport for jabber.  Basically, the
> idea is to get the specs for the official InstantMessenger client that is
> in development, so the jabber transport can be rereleased every time AIM
> adds a feature, enabling complete compliance.  In return for their
> support, on all the GUI Jabber clients, we place a tab linking them and
> any other major corporate supporters.  
> Bottom line, make Jabber a little bit corporate in exchange for less of a
> scurry to keep up with official updates all the time.
> If you have any beef, please e-mail the three of us as well.  
> Thank you for taking the time to read this.
>  Jon Beckham
> class of 2000
>   webmaster
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