[JDEV] AOL Corporate Teamwork

Scott Robinson scott at tranzoa.com
Sun Aug 29 23:45:59 CDT 1999

Interleaved response.


* Jon Beckham translated into ASCII [Sun, Aug 29, 1999 at 04:01:59PM -0400][<Pine.LNX.4.10.9908291514140.17731-100000 at pawz.paulvi.net>]
> Thanks for your input, and please keep adding to it.
> I have definitely changed my mind on some counts, so here is the replanned
> plan:
> Only if the user is utilizing the AIM Transport will any link be placed on
> any GUI window, and only in the window containing the AOL user.  This way,

You really don't seem to get this? We're an open source group using clients
that are not centrally controlled. You might be able to write your own
client that would place the link in, but it would be impossible to force ALL
clients to put a link in.

However, you could use the MIME extensions and place a clickable URL in.

> if any other transport decides to use the same method of codevelopment,
> they can be as unobtrusive as the AIM codevelopment plan.

I hope not.

> And about the issue of mandatory coding in an open source product:
> is there an "official" client of jabber?  Or even a more common client?

Cabbar appears to be the most popular client of current. New clients for
various platforms are in various steps of development.

> If so, that client, along with any other client in which the developers
> agree to do so, can have the link coding.  

I doubt you'd have very many people sign up.

> Any more flames, please, keep them coming.

Question. Who are you?

>  Jon Beckham
> class of 2000
>   webmaster

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