[JDEV] AOL Corporate Teamwork

Julian Missig julian at linuxpower.org
Mon Aug 30 14:41:30 CDT 1999

I agree about the screen name registration, but I'd just like to note
that AOL probably won't like us using their logo - they didn't like GAIM
using it, at least.

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Jim Phillips wrote:
> Just so I don't come across sounding ignorant.. I wasn't agreeing to the
> fact that the logo should go into the GUI or even that there should be a
> _THE_ GUI.  But if these folks were planning on what their GUI's should look
> like and where the AOL logos should be plastered, I was commenting that it
> should be placed in an appropriate place.. I personally don't think that the
> clients should have to have any logos.
> On a seperate note, I'm not sure I like the idea of having the AOL transport
> automagically create an AOL screen name for me.. Instead, I would prefer
> something like the following:
> 1)  I have no AOL screen name
> 2)  I send a message to joeschmo at AIM
> 3)  The Jabber server looks up my personal settings and sees I have no AOL
> screen name.
> 4)  The Jabber server sends me a message saying that it needs to create me a
> screen name and somehow or another asks me if I want to specify a
> name/password or if I want to let it do it for me..
> 5)  I respond to the Jabber server with whichever choice I made
> 6)  The jabber server creates the account on AOL and adds it to my personal
> settings
> 7)  The jabber server transmits my message..
> Of course, if I already have a AOL screen name, there's got to be some way
> for me to tell the Jabber server that I have one and what it is.. Something
> like a setting in the client that once set transmits the info to the Jabber
> server to be added to my personal settings..
> I think there's just certain things that the client must be able to do..
> Making it so that the server automatically does everything is just bound to
> cause problems..

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