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One good reason to encode transport information is the problem of address
domain conflicts and multiple transports.

Example: ICQ has the main ICQ network (we'll call it icq.com because I don't
know it's real address) however they've also released a "Workgroup"-esque
server package. If we have transports connecting to both places, or better
yet, a transport at a different server on my local Jabber network connected
to a different ICQ network I'd want a way to specify them. 12341234 at ICQ
should goto the main network. However, how should I specify the alternative
network? 12341234 at ROBHOME? Hold on, "robhome" is the name of a server here!
In fact, with the current naming structure we'd have to decide whether a
transport "name" had priority over a host name.

Proposed solution: icq://12341234, icq://icq.com/12341234, or even
icq://jabber.localdomain/icq.com/12341234 can be used to differenciate
between the UIDs. (which one we used depends on how we'll finally end up
implementing routing and how abstracted we want UIDs) icq://robhome/12341234
or icq://jabber.localdomain/robhome/12341234 should then transport to the
independent ICQ network "robhome".


* Thomas D. Charron translated into ASCII [Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 06:41:21AM -0700][<FHMCEBNBJGPPDAAA at my-deja.com>]
> On Tue, 31 Aug 1999 04:40:33   Scott Robinson wrote:
> >I'd like a bit more clarification on UIDs. What is wrong with a URL/URI
> >based UID system?
>   URL/URI is used to identify resources.  There is no reason why our current user at domain system will not be able to HAVE a URL.  Just like FTP can use:
> ftp://anonymous@ftp.cdrom.com/
>   Notice the simularity?
> jabber://tcharron@jabber.org/
>   Or, in the case of passing a password along:
> jabber://tcharron:somepass@jabber.org
>   URL is a way to present transport, etc information.  There is no reason to use URL internal to the protocol, IMHO..
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