Hey all

Thomas Jerome Muldowney tjm5188 at unix.tamu.edu
Mon Jan 4 22:44:32 CST 1999

Hello, I just saw you web page for the first time and was very glad to see
this project.  I had been thinking of something for some time now, because
I work with the gtkFAIM (AIM clone) project, but I still use ICQ a lot,
and I wanted a solution to both.  Anyway, for the gtkFAIM project I did a
lot of UI work, and I would be more than happy to begin work on a
GTK/GNOME client.  If someone has already started this, let me know and I
would be glad to help.  I guess I can say more after I've downloaded the
source.  Oh yeah, one other question, are there any screenshots from the
win32 client?  It would be nice to have a common client to all ports.

--Thomas Muldowney

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