Philip Bowens pbowens at dcr.net
Mon Jan 4 23:01:23 CST 1999

Like the prevous message, I too saw the Jabber page for the first time! I
guess /. gives tons of publicity! ;-)

Anyway, I hope to help you all with the converting schemes for the
different protocols. In paticular, I'm very interested in the AIM protocol
(OSCAR) and have a lot of ideas how to really do some non-degrading
conversion schemes for AIM->JAB. 

I have one question, if all of this can go through right, wouldn't it be
poissble for an AIM user to connect to a Jabber server and send messages
to an ICQ user. Talk about waiste of time. Or, do you just want the
servers to give messages from JAB outgoing only? Meaning, only JABBER
users can send out into different services.

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