Hey all

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Tue Jan 5 04:26:56 CST 1999

The win32 client is mostly just for testing, not really a usable
"interface" although some early revs looked really cool :)

Feel free to play around, there are no set "looks" for gui clients yet, so
if you create one it might work as a model for other platforms.

The one notable thing as a difference with Jabber and other systems that
will affect the GUI, is the fact that each user can have multiple
"sessions", based on nickname for that session, so the gui will need to
have something to display that appropriately, possibly a sudo-tree:

- userID
  o Some Name
  o Work account
  o telnet login
- another user
  o browser login


On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Thomas Jerome Muldowney wrote:

> Hello, I just saw you web page for the first time and was very glad to see
> this project.  I had been thinking of something for some time now, because
> I work with the gtkFAIM (AIM clone) project, but I still use ICQ a lot,
> and I wanted a solution to both.  Anyway, for the gtkFAIM project I did a
> lot of UI work, and I would be more than happy to begin work on a
> GTK/GNOME client.  If someone has already started this, let me know and I
> would be glad to help.  I guess I can say more after I've downloaded the
> source.  Oh yeah, one other question, are there any screenshots from the
> win32 client?  It would be nice to have a common client to all ports.
> --Thomas Muldowney

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