Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Tue Jan 5 04:31:12 CST 1999

> Like the prevous message, I too saw the Jabber page for the first time! I
> guess /. gives tons of publicity! ;-)

You can say that again!

> Anyway, I hope to help you all with the converting schemes for the
> different protocols. In paticular, I'm very interested in the AIM protocol
> (OSCAR) and have a lot of ideas how to really do some non-degrading
> conversion schemes for AIM->JAB. 


> I have one question, if all of this can go through right, wouldn't it be
> poissble for an AIM user to connect to a Jabber server and send messages
> to an ICQ user. Talk about waiste of time. Or, do you just want the
> servers to give messages from JAB outgoing only? Meaning, only JABBER
> users can send out into different services.

Actually yes, it is entirely feasable for an AIM client to connect to a
Jabber server directly, given that the AIM/Oscar Transport is able to act
just like AOL's server and trick the client.  It's all just a matter of
how far you want to go in coding the transport :)


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