Hey all

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Tue Jan 5 04:50:00 CST 1999

So far, from what I've seen, libfaim is definately the way to go.  I was
thinking that a simple prototype AIM transport might be simple to whip up
with a little perl and TOC, but I haven't gotten that far yet...

An AIM transport would definately be great though, more power to you!



On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Thomas Jerome Muldowney wrote:

> First, sorry about that blank message I just sent you.  I would
> love to get started on a GTK/GNOME client.  I would also love to work on
> the AIM transport.  I'm strongly suggesting that the actual OSCAR protocol
> is used (libfaim, but you shouldn't listen to me, I'm biased since I hack
> on that), and not TOC.  TOC, is a mess to work with, and seems to be
> partially slower.  Libfaim, is nice and already there, unless someone else
> has other ideas.  I'm on AIM usually, sn VryDmbName, if anyone wants to
> talk to me.  I'm downloading the windows client right now.  And then I'd
> be glad to start working on a client with people.
> --Thomas Muldowney
> On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Robert Wilson wrote:
> > > GTK/GNOME client.  If someone has already started this, let me know and I
> > > would be glad to help.  I guess I can say more after I've downloaded the
> > > source.  Oh yeah, one other question, are there any screenshots from the
> > > win32 client?  It would be nice to have a common client to all ports.
> > 
> > I thought about that as soon as I saw the website. I immediately thought
> > about a gtk/gnome client. No one has said anything about it yet on the
> > list. If no one else says they're working on it, do you want to get
> > started? I've been looking over the source for the command line client a
> > bit this evening. I've seen the win32 client. It is available for
> > download. If you are really familiar with gtk then maybe you could give
> > me some pointers. I've only written X applications in Motif (on Dec
> > Unix), but I've downloaded the tutorial for gtk and it is much better
> > :-) Plus the theme awareness is great. Anyway, let me know. I'll be up
> > for a little while longer this evening...
> > 
> > later,
> > 
> > robert
> > 

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