Hey all

Eliot Landrum elandrum at bigfoot.com
Tue Jan 5 08:59:29 CST 1999

Hey Jeremie! I'm one of those that joined because of the /. effect and am
very excited about this project! I'm not a coder, but I wanna help with
graphics, layout, HTML, manuals, help pages, or whatever! First thing I
wanted to ask / suggest is... Although I'm not a programmer, I do have MS's
Visual Basic 4 and was wondering if I could put together a central layout
(NOT code... since I can't do code) that all the other versions could copy.
Of course after I do one design we can certainly add/modify based on
everyones comments. Let me know if you would like me to tackle this and I
can post it up somewhere so everyone can comment/flame/whatever me about

Eliot Landrum
elandrum at bigfoot.com

>The win32 client is mostly just for testing, not really a usable
>"interface" although some early revs looked really cool :)
>Feel free to play around, there are no set "looks" for gui clients yet, so
>if you create one it might work as a model for other platforms.

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