Hey all

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Tue Jan 5 11:08:47 CST 1999

I don't see how this could hurt anything, of course, it would be up to the
authors of other GUI clients to copy the interface, but if it looks great
and is usable that will probably happen.

The only problem you might have is that some of the GUI design process is
inevitably based on understanding how the client interacts with the server
at the protocol level, but a general layout/design would be a good place
to start.



On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Eliot Landrum wrote:

> Hey Jeremie! I'm one of those that joined because of the /. effect and am
> very excited about this project! I'm not a coder, but I wanna help with
> graphics, layout, HTML, manuals, help pages, or whatever! First thing I
> wanted to ask / suggest is... Although I'm not a programmer, I do have MS's
> Visual Basic 4 and was wondering if I could put together a central layout
> (NOT code... since I can't do code) that all the other versions could copy.
> Of course after I do one design we can certainly add/modify based on
> everyones comments. Let me know if you would like me to tackle this and I
> can post it up somewhere so everyone can comment/flame/whatever me about
> them.
> Eliot Landrum
> elandrum at bigfoot.com
> >The win32 client is mostly just for testing, not really a usable
> >"interface" although some early revs looked really cool :)
> >
> >Feel free to play around, there are no set "looks" for gui clients yet, so
> >if you create one it might work as a model for other platforms.

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