Jeremie Miller jeremie at
Tue Jan 5 11:25:20 CST 1999

Yes, there are different security "levels" that you can set in general to
tell the server how to deal with your account, and this becoming easy to
you will rely on making some more progress on a fully featured module
beyond the basic module included.

The module also has control to let the user have a finer graned detail
over individual users recieving information/status updates, the server
security levels are just the "defaults" for your account :)

There are due to be some changes in this area though, based on feedback
and after it's actually being used by groups of people.


On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Scott Parish wrote:

> Hi, I am another /. user who is very interested in this project, after
> despising icq for some time.
> I was wondering though, if you have thought about authorization much like
> icq allows you to have, so that nobody can see your state (online,
> offline, etc) without your permissions.  This would a very nice feature to
> have, so you might want to give it some thought.
> Later
> sRp

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