Adam J Kernander adam.kernander at unh.edu
Tue Jan 5 13:52:07 CST 1999

Yeah, you can run AIM through a firewall, I run it through a firewall at
work. Downside is that if it's idle for too long it disconnects, but I
think that is the proxy here at work. 

I know that te software doesn't allow one host to use multiple connections.
If you try running the program twice from the same host it doesn't work.
So AIM might not allow it, but then again, that could just be a software
thing, not a network thing... *shrug*


> I don't know the details of AIM, but I'm guessing that the server depends
> on the source port for communications to the host, and there are lots of
> source ports available...
> If it was host based only, then AIM would be almost impossible to ever run
> through a firewall, gateway, or masquerading box... I really doubt this is
> the situation, but I might be wrong.
> Jer
> On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Philip Bowens wrote:
> > 
> > Does anyone know if AIM allows multiple connections from one host? (If
> > not, transports are going to have to be everywhere if we expect Jabber's
> > userbase to grow rapidly).
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