[JDEV] Windows test client source

Sean Heber sheber at mwci.net
Tue Jan 5 20:18:33 CST 1999


Due to popular demand, I have placed the Windows test client source at the
above URL.

Ok, just to clear some things up:
I do not want to continue on the Windows client.  I don't feel that I will
have the time, and I also don't feel I am good enough with C++ coding to be
able to maintain it.  There are a couple of others out there that have
expressed interest in writing a new Windows client.  I encourage you to do
so.  There is also no rule that says there can be only one Jabber client for
Windows.  I would encourage diversity.  At this stage, Jabber is similar to
where the MP3 scene was about a year ago or so (at least on Windows).  The
more the better.  Eventually, one will emerge as the standard--similar to
how WinAmp took over the Windows market.

Bad stuff about the code:
- It sucks.
- It is almost not documented
- It is for Borland C++ Builder
- The TJabber_src.zip file is the source to a C++ Builder component I
started working on (this is where most of the juicy stuff is)
- It probably won't compile if you don't have the TCP component I had for
C++ Builder

Good stuff about the code:
- It will help you determine how and in what order to send the packets
(until Jeremie gets some more docs up on jabber.org)
- It worked as a test bed
- There is a really bad example about how to parse the Jabber XML for those
who are not quite sure how to handle it.
- There is some good ideas there, just badly coded.

(Note that the bad outweighs the good here...)

Ok, that's about all I'm going to say now..  Use at your own risk.  Laugh if
you want.  Cry if you want.  (etc, etc)

Have fun!


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