[JDEV] File Sockets and stuff

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Wed Jan 6 10:46:05 CST 1999

Ok, I think I might have blundered when I decided to use file sockets on
the server to talk between the different transports.  It's causing me more
greif in porting/setup than I expected.

I did it with unix file sockets since I thought that would be the most
secure way to guarantee that a process was getting a connection only from
the local computer instead of from the net.  I totally missed that the
process could just attach to a port on and it should accomplish
the same thing(since file sockets just map to 38.0.0.x addresses anyway
or something like that :)

So, unless theres any reason not to, I'm going to change the jabberbox
process to listen on localhost:5269 for connections from other transports,
and on local-ip:5269 for connections from other servers.  The protocol
that is sent over both of these is identical, it's just that the ones
connecting on localhost are allowed to "recieve" data routed to them.

Sound good?


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