[JDEV] Screenshots for Central Design

Eliot Landrum elandrum at bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 6 12:51:08 CST 1999

Hello all!

I've posted screenshots of a central design and VB files to my own web site
that I hope will be of use to all the teams. It seems most logical to me
that all the clients look about the same, but of course customized for each
platform. In this light, I've started work on a completely dumb (dumb as in
it can't do anything except look nice) version of Jabber that, with the help
of everyone nit picking at it, can become the model for all of the versions.
I haven't quite finished it because I kept thinking up all these things that
should be combined from the best of all the messaging-type clients. So far,
all I have posted on the site is a screenshot for the main screen that has
the Roster on it. If you have VB4+ you can download the VB files for
everything that I've done so far (including some of the Preferences window
that isn't done yet).

Please, please, please take a look at it and send comments/suggestions/icks
my way... comments from the programmers is even more appreciated since I'm
not sure if everything I've got ideas for can actually be done or be worth
doing. I hope it can just be the basis for something much nicer and


I'll be posting messages on the list when I put up new screenshots...

Eliot Landrum
elandrum at bigfoot.com

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