[JDEV] JDEV: "sessions" clarification please

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Wed Jan 6 21:43:40 CST 1999

> Do sessions represent one user using more than one client or one user
> using one client?

Sessions represent one "connection" to the server, even that isn't
quite true... they are basically just a single path from a user to the
server.  Any user might have multiple sessions, one from a desktop/GUI,
one from a shell login, one at home, work, web browser, etc... they all
would go back to one server.

> If I use two clients to connect to qbradley at some.server.org, one under
> nickname "testing" and another under nickname "bogus" and someone sends a
> message to "qbradley at some.server.org" then where does the message end up?
> bogus or testing?

Right now, it depends on the <priority>#</priority> tag sent in the first
status update to the server, a higher priority number on that session will
recieve any messages that didn't have a specific nickanme in the to
address... this is all a bit vague yet, but I hope to clear it up when I
write up the client guidelines(this week I hope, tonight if possible).

Hope that helps!


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