[JDEV] JDEV: "sessions" clarification please

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Thu Jan 7 01:47:05 CST 1999

> I think it does!  Let me see if I understand.  As a client writer, I only
> have to handle establishing one session for the user (maybe they will run
> other clients or more copies of the client to establish other
> connections).  But for people in the roster, I should show their multiple
> sessions (if they have them) grouped together, and allow the user to send
> a message to the user (automatically choosing highest priority session),
> or to a specific session of the user (by specifying a particular
> nickname). 
> is that it?

Absolutely!  (btw, unless I wasn't clear, the server will pick the highest
session if a specific one wasn't addressed, the client doesn't need to do
this part)

> Thanks :-)  I'm all excited about jabber! 

Great!  I'm going to start working on the start of those client guidelines
now :)


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