[[JDEV] Thoughts on user at server.com name addressing]

Mateus Cordeiro Inssa mateus at blaublau.cwb.fnn.net
Thu Jan 7 09:06:47 CST 1999

Eric S.Smith writes:
 > A central name-resolver wouldn't have to do too much work, since
 > communications would still be going through users' "home" Jabber
 > servers.  There could even be a community of name-resolvers that
 > shared the job (via round-robin DNS or a meta-resolver that just
 > tells you the name of a nearby name-resolver to use).

  If authentication were based using radius, we would automaticaly
have roaming ! (Connect the nearest jabber server but tell it that you 
are from other server ->  login foo at bar ).
  Messages can be stored in the original server, not in the connected
server. The "send" part can be done by the connected server (nearer).

  It's like dial to ISP B and use the POP3 server from ISP A, but SMTP 
to ISP B.


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