[JDEV] Re: Screenshots for Central Design

Eliot Landrum elandrum at bigfoot.com
Thu Jan 7 14:19:03 CST 1999

Hey all!

>One of the differences with other IM systems that a Jabber client can take
>advantage of, is the fact that Jabber allows users to have multiple
>sessions simultaneously

hmm.. ok.. I wasn't very sure how this could be accomplished while allowing
for a "plug-in" client type of thing. As far as the Preferences section is,
I'm making it all look like Winamp in how it allows each plug-in to be
configured quite easily. For the main client window it is a bit different..
anyway.. while I was typing this up I thought up a way to do it, and have
modified the menus to reflect it. A bunch of new screenshots are up at my
site now so you can see the menus and everything. (I went and downloaded a
nice program for that make screenshot making a ton easier.)

>so each of the users in the display might have
>another branch underneath them showing their current online sessions...

Good point.. I've added that and it looks a lot neater too :)

>There's also the possibility of having different named customizable groups
>in which users are sorted, you might have "Work" or "Gamers" or "Friends"
>etc... and special ones like "Online".

Right.. I've already taken care of that. The VIEW menu allows you to switch
between Group View (AIM style), Online/Offline (ICQ style) and Client view
(sorted by client types). The new screenshots allow you to see that now.

>Looking good so far though!

I'm having fun! I like this GUI making stuff! Now if I could only code....

New screenshots and VB files - http://lonestar.texas.net/~landrum/jabber/

Eliot Landrum
elandrum at bigfoot.com

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