[JDEV] Re: Screenshots for Central Design

Thomas Jerome Muldowney tjm5188 at unix.tamu.edu
Thu Jan 7 14:59:49 CST 1999

In regards to the layout of the preferences, there are two interfaces taht
I was looking at.  First, and my least favorite, is the more standard
tabbed window approach of most windows applications.  This is a little
annoying though.  My personal favorite is the Netscape style of
preferences, with tree on teh left and the options on the right.  This can
also be seen in the gnome control-center.  I currently have the tree
version partially implemented in my mess around client, but if we want a
different look that's ok.  I also urge anyone designing UI to go and read
the the Interface Hall of Shame and the Interface Hall of Fame.  This
resource is a great spot for information on UI design.  It can be found at

--Thomas Muldowney

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