[JDEV] No more file sockets

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Thu Jan 7 23:17:53 CST 1999

Alrighty...  I just removed file sockets from the distro, and the update
should be in tonight's snapshot set to happen in an hour or so.

Now, the jabberbox process starts up and creates two listening sockets,
one bound to and one bound to the hostname via gethostname().
So if there are any other IP's on the local computer that need to be bound
to, they should be added to the config file in <listen></listen> tags(even
though that doesn't actually work yet :)

Local transports connect to the jabberbox via, which makes
starting them a bit easier since they don't need to know the location of
the file socket.

I tweaked the README's to reflect the changes also...

Everything should be tested and working, but if not let me know... I think
this is a far better way than using file sockets in the long run.


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