[JDEV] Re: Screenshots for Central Design

Jon A. Cruz joncruz at geocities.com
Fri Jan 8 00:22:10 CST 1999

Well, since you seem to really be getting into the look thing...
Have you checked out the JFC/Swing Java UI stuff?


Follow this for a quick tour of the widgets:
 A Visual Index to the Swing Components

Probably the coolest thing is the pluggable look and feel. Switch on the fly
between "Metal", Windows, Motif, MacOS...

If you need to see them in action, download JFC 1.1 (or Java 2/JDK1.2) and run
the swing demos. SwingSet and Metalworks.

Eliot Landrum wrote:

> Hey all!
> >One of the differences with other IM systems that a Jabber client can take
> >advantage of, is the fact that Jabber allows users to have multiple
> >sessions simultaneously
> hmm.. ok.. I wasn't very sure how this could be accomplished while allowing
> for a "plug-in" client type of thing. As far as the Preferences section is,
> I'm making it all look like Winamp in how it allows each plug-in to be
> configured quite easily. For the main client window it is a bit different..
> anyway.. while I was typing this up I thought up a way to do it, and have
> modified the menus to reflect it. A bunch of new screenshots are up at my
> site now so you can see the menus and everything. (I went and downloaded a
> nice program for that make screenshot making a ton easier.)
> >so each of the users in the display might have
> >another branch underneath them showing their current online sessions...
> Good point.. I've added that and it looks a lot neater too :)
> >There's also the possibility of having different named customizable groups
> >in which users are sorted, you might have "Work" or "Gamers" or "Friends"
> >etc... and special ones like "Online".
> Right.. I've already taken care of that. The VIEW menu allows you to switch
> between Group View (AIM style), Online/Offline (ICQ style) and Client view
> (sorted by client types). The new screenshots allow you to see that now.
> >Looking good so far though!
> I'm having fun! I like this GUI making stuff! Now if I could only code....
> New screenshots and VB files - http://lonestar.texas.net/~landrum/jabber/
> Eliot Landrum
> elandrum at bigfoot.com

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