[JDEV] Minor 'bug'let ?

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Fri Jan 8 11:31:41 CST 1999

On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:

> Jeremie wrote:
> > 
> > On the FD_SETSIZE issue in io.c, I updated it to track the largest
> > descriptor and use that value... attached is the diff I'm going to check
> > in tonight, let me know if it's wrong or broken...
> Looks ok at first glance.. but it does not seem to track the write_fds.
> (Though
> from code logic I would assume that you always do a read and sometimes a
> right
> so the max from the writes is <= the max from the reads.

Yes, the write_fds is only a subset of the read_fds.


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