[JDEV] Anonymous CVS access

Tue Wennerberg tue at nybro.dk
Sat Jan 9 18:27:28 CST 1999

Jeremie Miller wrote:
> I've been using CVS to maintain the distro for Jabber, so I can probably
> set up anonymous CVS access if I take the time to figure out how.
> Is anyone out there interested?

Yes, very.

Even if it's just a read-only one, it will make it a lot easier to code
something, when you dont have to sync manually with the snapshot every

BTW. There is a pretty easy explanation on how to setup a cvs server in
the reference manual
(http://www.loria.fr/~molli/cvs/doc/cvs_2.html#SEC29 ).

- Tue Wennerberg

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